About Irwin Marine

Irwin Marine History – Since 1884 – That’s not a Typo!

The Irwin family has been serving the boating community since 1884.  For over a century, we’ve been dedicated to courteous, professional, and competitively priced marine related products and services.

Had computers and databases existed back in 1884, Granddad would have probably been the first to use them.  Nostalgia would be reason enough to sift through names of what easily are thousands of customers we’ve served over the past 130 years.

Chester Arthur was President of the United States when we opened our doors here on the Navesink River.  There have been 24 presidents since then, but only three Irwins at the helm of our marine dealership.  Steam driven sidewheelers plied the river and oyster fishermen harvested the bountiful local waters in 1884 when Charles P. Irwin grew the marina from a dock and a shack to a yard capable of servicing 35 to 40 boats.

The wizard of Menlo Park, Thomas Edison worked at the Irwin Marina developing sonar.  Today you’re more likely to see stars like Jon Bon Jovi along the waterfront of Red Bank.

My dad and his two brothers took over the operation here in the early 50’s, and like all of the Irwin’s before me, it wasn’t long before I found myself part of a family legacy.  Today, my wife Christine and I lead a team of boating professionals, mindful of our proud heritage to provide you a quality and honest boating experience.

As the oldest family owned and operated marina in the United States, we’re very proud of our past, and more excited about the future.  Come join the fun and make boating part of your own family traditions.

Channing “Chan” Irwin