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In the Marina

  • Please refer to your slip contract “Terms and Conditions” for any questions regarding your storage.


  • Keys are needed to access the docks and the bathrooms in Yard #1. A button inside the gate allows you to exit the dock. A $15.00 deposit is required for each key. Please stop by our office and we will be happy to make them up for you.


  • There are two bathrooms with showers located in Yard #1 just the right of the main gate as you walk into the marina. Access to these is provided by your dock key. There are also two bathrooms with showers in Yard #2 just to the right of the main gate. Call for the combination required for these bathrooms.


  • A pool is provided for the enjoyment of both Yard #1 and Yard #2 customers. It is located in Yard #1 in front of the building just past the service department. If you are entertaining guests aboard your boat they are certainly welcome to use the pool. We ask that only customers who are present in the marina have guests at the pool. Thank you!

Dock Boxes

  • If you are interested in a dock box at your slip please let us know in the office. We have selected one uniform dock box and will be happy to arrange one for you. The cost is $600 plus tax.


  • Federal regulations exist which govern the prevention of fire, including those that may occur in the marinas. These regulations prohibit open fires either on the docks or on boats at the dock. You are welcome to enjoy your barbecue poolside. Two grills are provided for your use.


  • Please keep your dog leashed and under your control at all times. Also, pets are not permitted in the pool area. Thank you!


  • No fueling is allowed on the docks at any time. It may not be transported into or out of the marina.


  • Ice is available 24 hours a day for $2.00 per bag. During business hours if the front desk is unattended please leave money on the desk. After hours please put money through the Service door mail slot. Honor System.


  • Parking is provided in Yard #1 on the two lots next to the main building just outside the main gate. Both lots are accessed from Marine Park. Please do not park inside the main gate, as this is both our driveway to our shop and a fire lane.
  • Parking is available in Yard #2 to the left of the main gate, along and behind the building and along the fence. Please do not park in front of the rack storage system or the travel lift Monday through Saturday from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Thank you!
  • In addition, please do not park on the travel lift pad at any time.
  • Parking permits are required for any vehicle parking on Irwin Marine property.
  • Please make sure the parking sticker appears on the back of any vehicle you may be parking here. Please stop by the marina office or call us and we will be happy to supply them. Any vehicle parked in our lots and not displaying the proper Irwin Marine parking permits will be towed.

Payment Terms

  • All repair orders for boats in the marina are due within 30 days of invoice. Any boat leaving the marina must have all bills paid in full prior to departure. Storage payments are due on the dates specified on your storage contract. After 30 days, an invoice is considered past due and is subject to a 1.5% per month storage charge. An invoice that is 60 days old is automatically sent to an outside receivables service for processing. At 90 days, overdue accounts are sent for collection. if you have a question regarding a bill please contact our office immediately. Also, if payment terms need to be discussed, please call our office and we’ll be happy to discuss this with you.


  • Please be advised that customers may not perform work on their boat from the gunwales down while it is in the marina.
  • Outside contractors must check in at the service department upon their arrival in the marina. it is required that they provide us with a certificate of liability insurance with a minimum limit of $1,000,000.00 as well as a certificate of worker’s compensation insurance. In addition, there is a $50.00 charge for the technician.

Garbage and Recycling

  • Containers are located in the parking lot.


  • A Wi-Fi network is provided by Irwin Marine for your use while aboard your boat at the marina. Please log off when not in use to assure adequate bandwidth for all marina residents. Contact the marina or sales office for the Wi-Fi password.